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Gerekos speed boats rental Corfu is a new boat rental company with head offices in Marina Gouvia Corfu, which offers excellent services in Corfu island and many more locations.

The company established in 2016 by people with years of experience in the field of boats and tourism in general.




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It features brand-new high tech ribs in Corfu, designed exclusively for Gerekos speed boats rental Corfu and can be considered, without exaggerations, some of the fastest boats on the island.

This is also confirmed by the results of the Pan-Hellenic Speedboat Racing Championships, in which Gerekos speed boats rental Corfu participates every year, conquering one of the highest positions.

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The boats of Gerekos speed boats rental Corfu, are under the safety regulations by the Greek Port Authorities to provide you not only with the fastest but also the safest speed boat rental services in Corfu.

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